Brit Milah

“Initially nervous for the ceremony my family and I are very grateful for Mohel Appel after he provided an excellent Brit Milah for our newborn son. We recommend him and will certainly be returning as we expand our family in the future.”

“Thank you, Mohel Appel! We are incredibly happy with how smoothly our son’s Brit Milah went!”

“My wife and I are very pleased and impressed. The brit milah went just as planned and Mohel Appel did an excellent job of easing our worries and helping our son to be as comfortable as possible.”

Holistic Circumcision

“Surprisingly comfortable experience for my son. Mohel Appel made sure the procedure brisk and hygienic.”

“Put our worries to rest. Our son’s circumcision went as planned and we’re grateful that Mohel Appel was capable of making it as peaceful as possible. My son was clearly in good hands.”

“So thankful to have put my grandson in the hands of Mohel Appel for this procedure. His experience shows, as well as his kindness and patience.”

Simchat Bat or Brit Bat

“Only having sons prior to our daughter, my husband and I were so excited for this Simchat Bat! It could not have gone smoother and we are so grateful!”

“Our family traveled far and wide to be part of my daughter’s Simchat Bat. I am so so happy we went with the services of Mohel Appel. It was a huge success and an experience I will never forget.”

“My family feels complete thanks to Mohel Appel! I’ve been looking forward to this celebration ever since finding out I was having a girl and all of my expectations were exceeded. THANK YOU!!!”

Hatafat dam brit

“I look forward to spending the rest of my life with my incredible fiancee, so converting to Judaism was a no-brainer for me. Mohel Appel made my conversion special for her and I, and I will forever be grateful.”

“My family is so proud. My conversion process could not have gone more smoothly and that is all thanks to the Mohel.”

“Converting to Judaism was not only a beautiful decision, but a beautiful process. Mohel Appel made everything run perfectly and smoothly.”

Baby Naming

“Dr. Appel was extremely professional and reliable. He took the extra time to learn about the importance of the Hebrew name we gave to our daughter. The service was personalized, meaningful and beautiful and truly reflected and respected the history of both sides of our family. It was truly a milestone in our daughter’s life that we will never forget! – Ryan & Lindsay”

“Going with the services of Mohel Appel was a great idea. Our son receiving a Hebrew name was very important to my wife and I. The Mohel understood this perfectly and put much thought into our son’s Hebrew name. It was a very special moment and we cannot thank him enough.”

“My husband and I are almost upset we didn’t come up with the name Abel ourselves! Although this is not the point of this beautiful milestone we appreciate the thought and care Mohel Appel put into this process. He gets the stamp of approval from my family!!”

“My family and I cannot thank Mohel Appel enough! Thank you so much for carrying out this beautiful mitzvah. We love our daughter’s Hebrew name (Alizah) and the meaning behind it. “