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Brit Milah

Known as a “bris”.  It is the circumcision ceremony performed on a male infant by a Mohel on the 8th day the infant’s life (even if the 8th day falls on Shabbat or another Jewish Holiday).  The ceremony is usually followed by a Seduat Mitzvah (celebratory meal).  

Simchat Bat or Brit Bat

Is the celebration of the daughter.  Welcomes this new life into the Covenant of Israel. It officially welcomes her into the family and community.   During this ceremony we give her the Hebrew name by which she will be known. May be held on the 8th day or at a later date.  This usually includes readings that reflect the hopes and dreams of the parents for their daughter.

Baby Naming

It is a mitzvah (commandment) to give a child a Hebrew name.  Throughout Jewish history, special emphasis has been placed on Hebrew names.  Tradition teaches that members of all generations entered into a unique relationship with G-d at Sinai.  This relationship, known as the brit or covenant, joins us in the task of perfecting the world.  The naming of a baby is a way of entering them into the covenant as well.  

Milah L-shem gerut

This is a circumcision for the sake of conversion.  This can be performed for a variety of reasons: adoption of  non-jewish male and the parents are committed to raising him according to their lifestyle or when a couple converts and their male children convert along with them.


A procedure in which the foreskin is removed in order to uncover the glans. This procedure is done for many reasons: religious, cultural, family tradition, personal hygiene, preventative health as well as public health.

Holistic Circumcision

A circumcision procedure performed in the comfort of one’s home for non-religious purposes.  Many parents are foregoing circumcision in hospitals and doctor’s offices for various reasons.  The parents can also be present for the procedure.